The Kepes Journal Caldas University receives the Q1 rating for fifth consecutive years.

The Kepes Journal Caldas University receives the Q1 rating for fifth consecutive years.



Thanks to the research and rigorous publications made by the Kepes journal, it was rated for the fifth consecutive year by SCImago Journal Rank with the quartile 1 (Q1), the highest rating that a journal or scientific journal can obtain.

SCImago Journal Rank is an indicator that measures the quality of the articles published in scientific journals, the depth and originality of the topics, also positioning the researchers, who are gaining recognition based on the soundness of the ideas, transparency and clarity of the research methods.

This type of qualification, according to Walter Castañeda, editor of Kepes magazine and leader of the research group Aesthetics and Social in Visual Design of C-Transmedia, is scarce, considering that historically only magazines or journals of traditional areas of knowledge have been so qualified, however, Kepes magazine, specialized in visual arts, performative and humanities, has become a reference in the Americas and in Spanish-speaking countries, receiving and publishing articles in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Castañeda explains that “Knowledge has to be disseminated and there are different ways to do it, one is through the social appropriation of knowledge and that is where events that produce papers and works appear, such as the International Image Festival, and the other is that research that has a high level and rigor is communicated in an appropriate way to make the knowledge transferable, reliable, contrastable and questionable, that is where scientific journals appear”.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Kepes is that it is part of a public university in Caldas, and has been the product of the rigorous and unpaid work of an editorial committee: Felipe Londoño (leader of the DICOVI research group of C-Transmedia), William Ospina Toro, Gustavo Villa (†) and Walter Castañeda M., with the sole objective of disseminating knowledge, consolidating the disciplines of design and creation, and becoming a contribution for the new generations, who will see in it a reliable source of knowledge.

The journal is currently published in the OJS (Open Journal System) portal, a system that facilitates the conversation between the author and the journal, and that contributes to the consolidation of a specific area of knowledge, an aspect that is taken into account at the time of granting a qualification.

The articles are downloadable in PDF and freely available under the Creative Commons license, thanks to an institutional effort of the Office of Scientific Journals of the Vice-Rectory of Research and Graduate Studies of the Universidad de Caldas.

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