Grupo De Investigaciones Estéticas Y Sociales En Diseño Visual



The main objective of the Aesthetic and Social Research Group in Visual Design is: 

To develop research projects whose aesthetic and social character contribute to the generation, dissemination and strengthening of knowledge around Visual Design. In order to achieve this goal, the following have been defined as specific objectives of the group: 

  1. To develop research projects that inquire about the aesthetic aspects and the incidence of design in the different social substrates.
  2. To register the Aesthetic and Social Research Group in Visual Design with the Vice-Rectory of Research of the University of Caldas and with Colciencias.
  3. Disseminate the knowledge obtained about Visual Design through classes, diploma courses, publications, papers and conferences.
  4. Disseminate the research results of the group to other projects of the Visual Design Department, such as the Kepes Magazine.
  5. Involve different students in each project, thus integrating teaching with research.
  6. To support the postgraduate programs proposed by the Department: Master in design and interactive creation and the Specialization in art and media jointly proposed by the University of Caldas and Mecad of Spain.

Lines of research declared by the group

  1. Image Environment.
  2. Line of research in audiovisual production design and sound.


Walter Jose Castañeda Marulanda
PhD in Design and Creation