The SIC grants the trademark registration to the DICOVI research group ascribed to C-Transmedia

The SIC grants the trademark registration to the DICOVI research group ascribed to C-Transmedia



The DICOVI Research Group (Design and Cognition in Visual and Virtual Environments) of the Department of Design of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Caldas, attached to the C-Transmedia Research Center, received on April 21, 2022, the trademark registration granted by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

DICOVI is a research group category A1 in Colciencias, which proposes to develop strategies to enhance the transmission of data and knowledge, using the resources of design and technology, applied in the construction of social, educational and business projects.

In order for DICOVI to obtain the Trademark Registration ®, it had to verify that its products or image were not already on the world market, in addition to selecting in the NIZA classification (international classification of products and services that applies to the registration of trademarks). 

With Resolution 20734, the SIC generates the possibility for DICOVI to offer services related to the organization of training courses, face-to-face and virtual, on design, technology and innovation, in addition to providing related scientific research and design services. 

The research group, led by Felipe Cesar Londoño, has developed processes such as the creation of the Master’s Degree in Interactive Design and Creation, the Doctorate in Design and Creation, the International Image Festival, and many other initiatives that link research with community and entrepreneurial practices, such as the Cultural Business Incubator and the Creative Industries Cluster – ClusterLab.

The C-Transmedia Research Center celebrates this certification that promotes research + creation processes in the region and in the country, because it allows sharing specialized knowledge in an understandable way to various audiences and sectors, thus reducing the existing gaps in access to knowledge and promoting its democratization.

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