Closer to new knowledge.

Closer to new knowledge.
Second season of C-Transmedia Podcast



The C-Transmedia research center of the University of Caldas launches the second season of its Podcast, this year in the version Closer to New Knowledge. During this season there will be conversations with artists, scientists, teachers, who work daily on new projects, discoveries and creations, which deserve to be known by all citizens.

The C-Transmedia team, belonging to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, intends with this strategy to share knowledge, resolve doubts and generate interest in topics that contribute to transdisciplinary areas and the development of society. For this reason, the first guest will be the musician and researcher Yovanny Betancur, who will talk about contemporary music, compositions and the relationship between the music industry and women.

To listen to the new season, click here and start being part of an informed, creative and transformative community:

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