Upcoming Event: “Storytelling of creation and science: Transmedia Appropriation of STI”.

Upcoming Event: "Storytelling of creation and science: Transmedia Appropriation of STI".



On the occasion of the second anniversary of the C-Transmedia Research Center of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Caldas, the dialogue “Storytelling of creation and science: transmedia appropriation of STI” will be held at the 13th Manizales Book Fair. The objective will be to share the center’s experience in the generation of knowledge, through applied research in transdisciplinary relations and scientific dissemination processes.

Experts, researchers and scientific disseminators will participate in the dialogue:

Paula Marcela Arias
Former director of Colciencias, international consultant, with experience and leadership in the private, academic and public sectors. With interests in the environment, education and digital transformation of cities and companies. Specialist in business and international relations from Universidad de los Andes. Project manager with alternative solutions based on emerging technologies.

Claudia Jurado Grisales
Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Caldas.
Visual Designer, specialist in University Teaching, Master in Education and PhD in Design and Creation from the University of Caldas. Specialist in online and offline video from MECAD. For several years she has been a researcher and teacher, work for which she has received awards such as Outstanding Teaching Mention 2008-2009 University of Caldas in 2009.

Pablo Rolando Arango
Professor of philosophy at the University of Caldas. Writer of the book “Grandes borrachos colombianos” (Great Colombian Drunkards), a critical and sales success. He publishes regularly in Soho, El Malpensante, El Tiempo, Semana and Universo Centro. Researcher and coordinator of the project “La Penúltima Verdad”, content related to the historical memory of the Colombian armed conflict in a series of works for Transmedia platforms.

Darío Arenas
Coordinator of the Innovation and Knowledge Transfer area of C-Transmedia. Sociologist from the University of Caldas. Student of the Master’s Degree in Social Development and Environment at the University of Manizales. With interests in research, education, new media languages and social appropriation of knowledge. With experience in content creation for digital processes and platforms and construction of resources and virtual learning environments.

The space will be a physical, virtual and artistic experience for attendees to know and enjoy the strategy and products of transmedia appropriation of the CTI, the result of research conducted by research groups and departments of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Join us!

Day: Wednesday, August 17, 2022
Time: 4:00 pm
Place: Cultural Café CC Rogelio Salmona – U Caldas Book Fair

We look forward to seeing you.

Editorial staff
C-Transmedia Communications