The scientific committee of the C-Transmedia Research Center has been formed

The scientific committee of the C-Transmedia Research Center has been formed


Searching to strengthen the research programs of the C-Transmedia Research Center and to conform its organizational structure, as suggested by agreement 025 (which regulates the creation and operation Caldas College Research Centers), three sessions were held this week to define scientific committee members.

In the session convened on Thursday, March 23, the research groups leaders attached to the center attended, electing the research groups directors representative and ratifying the appointment of the research programs coordinators. On Friday, March 24, the center direction unanimously ratified the current director and the scientific committee, it has formed as follows:

C-Transmedia Research Center director | Claudia Jurado Grisales
Research group directors representative | Francisco Ruiz.
Artistic and Technological Innovation | Andrés Uriel Pérez.
Strategies, Experiences and Transmedia Narratives | Sergio Sierra.
Creative Innovation Ecosystems | Yovanny Betancur.
Science, Technology and Innovation Social Appropriation | Liliana Gallego.
Postgraduate Representative | Walter Castañeda.

A professors team with research experience, experts in each of the knowledge areas they lead, committed to promoting the research, research creation processes and the goals of the 2023 center plan, seeking to contribute to the strategic areas R+D+I defined by Caldas College, as well as external articulation in the relationship with the state, business, society and academic networks terms, contributing significantly to the knowledge democratization.

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