C-Transmedia in SURtropías: XXI of the International Image Festival

C-Transmedia in SURtropías: XXI of the International Image Festival


The International Image Festival is back with SURtropías. An emblematic event in the country and a Latin American reference, which brings with it the latest trends in design, art, science and technology, taking place simultaneously in the city of Manizales and Bogotá from October 17 to 21, with Chile as guest country. The C-Transmedia Research Center will participate throughout this week in different spaces, where new perspectives and alternatives about the future will be shared in order to rethink the world around us.

During the event there will be the opportunity to take the exploration of arts and technology to the limit through creative and cultural content with soundscapes, concerts, exhibitions, seminars, forums, film and digital exhibitions, the D+A+T market and transmedia experiences.

Taking into account the central theme SURtropías, a concept that promotes a look of openness and exchange to democratize access to knowledge and information, spaces will be created for dialogue of multiple approaches that promote solutions to political, environmental and social challenges we face today as humanity. 

From C-Transmedia, on Wednesday, October 19 at the CCC Teatro los Fundadores (Manizales), creations and research that explore alternatives for science, design, technology and art from transmedia will be shared, promoting spaces for dialogue, exchange of knowledge and new experiences.

On Thursday, October 20, it will participate in the D+A+T Market, a meeting of agents from the creative and cultural sectors, to generate alliances and exchanges for co-creation, co-production and co-management. 

As expressed by Claudia Jurado Grisales “it is a joy that the International Image Festival returns home, to the University of Caldas, and that from here we can remember how it began and the places it has reached in all senses. I know that it will be more than a formative, transformative experience, which as always will leave us with reflections and much to co-create”.

We look forward to seeing you. 

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