Welcome players to the Metaverse

Welcome players to the Metaverse


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Destiny is a video game released for Playstation, Xbox and Microsoft Windows in Massively Multiplayer Online format. The plot revolves around a dystopian future, where centuries ago “The Traveler”, an entity of light came to Earth initiating an era of glory for humans. But this light given by The Traveler attracted an ancient enemy that destroyed everything we knew as Earth, this glorious era has been left in the past, everything has been destroyed and the few remaining places of resistance struggle with the guardians, beings endowed with the power of the traveler, to get new technologies that allow them to defend their home.

Do you dare to enter the Metaverse and defend the earth? 

Choose your player… and welcome to the Metaverse!
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PLAYER 1: Welcome player 1, you have chosen to travel through the Metaverse in the 21st century, when Mark Zuckerberg, founder, director and CEO of Facebook announced at the end of July the possibility of joining to help build this universe. It is the creation of a virtual space that goes far beyond being a simple game, it is a space where it is intended to create a world equal to or better than the one we have.

Learn more about how this is possible | Learn more about the Metaverse

PLAYER 2: Welcome player 2, you have chosen to journey through the Metaverse since its origins in 1992, when Neal Stephenson first used the term Metaverse in his novel “Snow Crash” to describe a virtual universe, a universe within a world.

Learn more about Snow Crash | Learn more about the Metaverse 

Learn more about Snow Crash: This novel is set in a dystopian future of the 21st century, in which private corporations have taken control of the United States and the power of the state has fallen into a kind of anarcho-capitalism. Hiro Protagonist, (the main character) is a pizza delivery boy and a hacker in the real world, (a highly appreciated and respected profession in a world where everything revolves around being immersed in the virtual world), but in the Metaverse he is a samurai warrior prince, who discovers that an extremely dangerous virus called “Snow Crash” is attacking humans in both the Metaverse and the real world, taking away people’s ability to think independently and limiting them to routines that are impossible to modify. He defeats the enemies of the real world through his avatar, a samurai warrior prince in the Metaverse. Hiro discovers that a computer virus has been generated in the Metaverse.

                   Know the ending | Contributions of the novel to the present day

Learn more about the Metaverse: In the Metaverse we can work, attend concerts, attend classes, conduct business and even enter other virtual worlds. Metaverses are immersive, multi-user environments where we interact through avatars in cyberspace, which acts as a metaphor for the real world. The Metaverse is created around MMORPG formats but without having as such a specific objective, as it would be in a common game.

Knowing the Metaverse models | Knowing the MMORPG

Knowing how this is possible: at the software level, the Metaverse has originated from MMORPG games, “to create a space similar to the Internet, but where users (through digital avatars) can walk inside and interact with each other in real time” (Clare Duffy, 2021,CNN). This new digital bet brings great challenges for companies such as NVIDIA, Facebook, Microsoft, Epic Games among others, since each Metaverse model created is defined by the objective that each one has. If the objective is education, meetings, video games or all mixed, this implies a huge investment both monetary, technological and human, to make it possible. 

On the hardware side, virtual reality headsets or glasses are the key to achieve complete immersion into the new world. Lenses such as Oculus, Microsoft HoloLens, PlayStation Vr, are just examples of the best technologies that are already being used in this “new” digital revolution.

 Know the models of Metaverse | Know the MMORPG

Know the ending: Hiro Protagonist realizes that behind this virus is Cuervo, a famous criminal with whom he faces in a fight using his katana and Cuervo, on a motorcycle, each using their skills both in real life and in the game so that only one emerges victorious.

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Contributions of the novel in the present day: this novel of a dystopian future has left us contributions such as the term Avatar (virtual identity), the term MMORPG, which is the basis of the Metaverse, and the term Metaverse itself. 

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Learn more about MMORPG: MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game), are games in which each player is introduced in a virtual world through the Internet, and interacts with thousands of players simultaneously, allowing him to fulfill missions or objectives of the game. In order to carry out these missions, you must create an avatar with which you will increase levels and get improvements as you spend more time or invest real or digital money in the game.

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To know the models of Metaverse: There are four models of Metaverse, the first one is virtual worlds, in this metaverse we interact by means of an avatar in the virtual world, examples of this would be Fornite, World of Warcraft, Destiny? the second is mirror worlds, in which our space is recreated virtually and we can access from different devices, such as UVR or google earth, the third “expanded reality”, allows us to use technology to provide solutions to everyday life or interact with it, as do Pokemon Go, helmets or virtual reality glasses, and finally the Lifelogging Metaverse, in which we keep track of our daily activities (a digital logbook) in different devices such as Strava, Adidas running among other applications.

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By Alejandra Lenis Mendoza
Communications Area


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