Pride U of Caldas: Darío Arenas won Chevening Scholarship

Pride U of Caldas: Darío Arenas won Chevening Scholarship



Darío Arenas, graduate of the Sociology program, current leader of the Innovation and Knowledge Transfer area of the C-Transmedia of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Caldas, has been selected by the Chevening Award 2022-2023 scholarship program of the government of the United Kingdom.

With the objective of completing the Master of Public Administration in Innovation, Public Policy and Public Value in University College London, directed by Mariana Mazzucato; Arenas was presented with more than 50,000 people and was one of the 15 Colombians selected among the 2,000 winners worldwide.

Chevening Awards is a program developed by the United Kingdom for the training of leaders, influential people and decision makers with the purpose of supporting their professional processes; a great opportunity for Darío Arenas, who has been characterized by his social and political leadership at a regional level.

Arenas is currently coordinating the area of Innovation and Knowledge Transfer of the C-Transmedia of the University of Caldas, is finishing his Master’s Degree in Social Development and Environment at the University of Manizales, is a columnist for La Patria, director of Manizales en Común and president of the Board of Directors of Acopi.

The relevance of this international postgraduate degree is that it proposes an alternative approach to policy formulation, which allows rethinking the role of the public, private and civil sectors through innovation and co-creation in organizations, in addition to being able to share and learn from the most influential people in the world on innovation.

As Arenas put it, “This great opportunity is a collective achievement because my career has been built with the support and encouragement of many people and institutions. My goal is to connect the knowledge and skills that I will acquire at UCL with the construction of the great territorial missions that will allow us to face the great social challenges of Manizales and Caldas such as socioeconomic inequality, high suicide rates, academic desertion, gender inequality and deindustrialization.

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