C-Transmedia participates in U.Caldas dialogue on Virtual Education

C-Transmedia participates in U.Caldas dialogue on Virtual Education


E-Learning Experiences and Learning in U.Caldas.  

On March 31, 2022, the Conversatory Virtuality in the Faculties: experiences from the pedagogical and didactic, organized by the Institutional Virtuality Table and the Academic Vice-Rectory of the University of Caldas, in which some departments and faculties participated with the purpose of sharing knowledge and significant experiences of virtual education. 

Four papers were presented at the academic event, in which the results of the incorporation of ICT in the development of educational models were evidenced. These were:

  • Experience and methodology of 20 years of Telehealth.
  • C-Transmedia: experiences and learning in E-Learning.
  • Pedagogical model of Studies and Education.
  • Teacher Edén Félix’s experience in adapting to virtuality.

In his speech, the Leader of the Innovation and Knowledge Transfer area of the C-Transmedia Research Center, Dario Arenas, shared several of the E-learning experiences that have been carried out in alliance with educational, public and productive entities at regional and national level, with programs such as Toolbox, Digital Coexistence, Virtual Band Program, Diploma 1. 0 in Digital Competencies, Diploma 2.0 in Digital Competencies and Educational Innovation and the Educational Innovation Course, as well as support in the implementation of the Virtuality of the University of Caldas, among others.

Among the highlights of the discussion, strategies, tools and models of education were presented, including evaluation processes, self-evaluation, virtuality guidelines and tutorials, as well as the importance of having quality platforms and OVAS (Virtual Learning Objects), which enhance and complement the learning process.

Finally, Arenas highlighted the need to strengthen peer-to-peer learning, close the gaps in basic digital skills, accelerate the transition from consumers to prosumers and promote the hybridization of both work and educational environments as in the creation and research; encouraging the formulation and development of new educational proposals that impact not only the academy but in the various industries in the country.

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