C-Transmedia certificated more than 1400 teachers

C-Transmedia certificated more than 1400 teachers


On December 4, the Graduation Ceremony of the Diploma and the Course Digital Competencies for Teachers and Educational Innovation, processes structured and developed by the C-Transmedia Research Center of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Caldas and the Secretary of Education of Caldas, was held. 

In these two virtual training programs, 1,476 teachers and students from public educational institutions in Caldas were certified. The 100-hour diploma course facilitated the acquisition of skills, knowledge and digital competencies in educational innovation, resulting in final innovation projects that can be implemented in educational institutions. In this process, 69 teachers and 9 students were certified. 

On the other hand, the 30-hour course encouraged peer-to-peer training, collaborative work and the creation of a community of digital teachers in Caldas with key tools and knowledge to meet the challenges of twentieth century education, achieving that 40 trainers and 1,356 teachers achieved the objectives set, with the expectation that they will replicate their learning with their students. 

The event was divided into a panel and the degree ceremony of which Fabio Arias Orozco, Secretary of Education of Caldas, Claudia Jurado Grisales, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Caldas, Jorge Huertas Teacher of the program, researchers and members of the C-Transmedia Research Center as well as teachers from the municipalities of Caldas participated. 

In phrases: 

Claudia Jurado: “I see that the pandemic is an opportunity for gratitude and growth, because this allows us to understand that changes come for a reason. Hence the importance of these training programs and this alliance”.

Fabio Arias Orozco: “I am very happy with this alliance that we have been able to make between the Ministry of Education, the University of Caldas and C-Transmedia, no doubt we must continue to expand the innovation community, train more teachers and managers in digital skills.”

Darío Arenas, member of C-Transmedia: “strengthening alliances that generate public value helps to close gaps by facilitating the acquisition of skills for teachers to adapt to the needs of the XXI Century, in addition, it helps to position Caldas as a reference in innovation, education and technology”.

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