Revolution 4.0: transforming communication with digital tools

Revolution 4.0: transforming communication with digital tools

In the digital era, technology is rapidly transforming the way we communicate and consume information, and 4.0 tools have emerged as powerful allies for media, freelancers and journalists to innovate, expand their reach and offer immersive experiences to diverse audiences.

Join us to learn about some of these 4.0 tools that can help you to generate content and manage social networks, write news, newsletters and keep your audience updated, boosting your projects in the digital world.


Adobe Express: is an application for PC and mobile devices. With it, you will be able to easily create graphics for social networks, presentations, posters, videos, etc. It uses a drag-and-drop format and includes thousands of exclusive templates, design resources and royalty-free photos from Adobe Stock.

Coolors: allows us to create color palettes in an entertaining way to give identity and graphic line to our brands. It also extracts colors from photographs or images that we find striking.

Google fonts: it is an interactive directory of fonts totally free of copyright, which allows us to use them in our different projects. 


Adobe Premiere Rush: is a free video editing application for desktop and mobile devices to record, edit and share high quality videos. It is intuitive and we can add transitions, animated graphics, subtitles, adjust speed, trim, colorize, etc. 

Lightroom: It is a program for editing photographs and images on our cell phones. We can add filters, edit, retouch, make collages, among other functions. 


Semrush: this tool saves us work by providing us with the most viable options to perform SEO positioning on the Internet through keywords. It works as a Google extension, so it does not require any installation. allows us to create portfolios for writers, journalists and bloggers. It also offers updates on literature, news, new tools, writing tips and shows us what others are writing to improve our writing or find inspiration. 

Celtx: is a program for writing audiovisual scripts, plays, books and comics in an organized way. We can follow up daily what we are writing through notifications that arrive to our email, keeping us motivated to continue with our projects. 

We have at hand different applications to take our communications to the next level and offer unique experiences. It’s time to experiment, get to know them and put them to the test. 

If you are interested in learning how to use these and other tools, join us on June 23 at 5:00 p.m. in the workshop Revolution 4.0: transforming communication with digital tools, a CHEC EPM group initiative. 

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