4 tools to make your virtual classes more dynamic

4 tools to make your virtual classes more dynamic


The digital revolution has brought great challenges and benefits, among them, the possibility of bringing classrooms to digital environments and also to completely change the way we conceive education. How to transmit knowledge? This has always been a challenge, even now when we have so many alternatives, it may seem overwhelming and almost impossible to keep up with technology, so if you want to know tools that facilitate virtual education continue reading this article. 

Having knowledge is as important as knowing how to transmit it, using the right tools can make the difference when it comes to teaching. Fortunately, today we have many platforms and digital instruments that streamline classes and make the processes easier for both teachers and students. 

Here is our top 4 favorite tools and platforms for virtual education:

Jitsi: (

This platform has been a lifesaver for many in times where we feel we spend more time in virtual meeting rooms than in any other space (if we can call this a space). This is a completely free videoconferencing software, which allows, like other platforms that do require a subscription: recording meetings, screen sharing, secure sessions with no time limit, streaming with Facebook Live, viewing attendee participation statistics and use from any device. 

Mentimeter: (

Mentimeter allows meetings, workshops and training sessions to be held in a remote online environment. Through this you can track how many people are connected to a presentation, participate and interact through live polls, collect feedback, enable Q&A so you can discuss doubts and questions, and much more, it’s a platform we love for keeping participants engaged.

Genially (

It allows you to create all kinds of content such as presentations, dossiers, images, infographics, guides, posters, quizzes and more, easily and aesthetically, all this without having to have studied design, amazing, isn’t it? You can transform a presentation or a class into an eye-catching and interactive experience using the templates they have available or designing from scratch the content, all to your liking, all tailored to your needs.

Canva (

Canva is a graphic design website that has become indispensable since 2012, the year it was founded. It allows you to make all kinds of graphic content online, free, easy and aesthetic, what more could you ask for? The way it works is very simple and accessible, you don’t need to be an expert on the subject to take full advantage of the functions it has. One of its great advantages is that you can save your projects on the platform and edit them whenever you need to, and download them again in the format you want. 

With a little search and recursion we can take virtual education forward, this is an opportunity to reinvent and rethink the way we have been doing things, to find new and better methodologies and tools.

By Sofía Acevedo Henao
Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Area

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