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Why do we tend to think that research-creation in the arts is neither scientific nor academic?

It is a tradition in the modern world to assign to different areas of knowledge a certain kind of superiority over others.  We put the exact sciences and engineering first and the arts and humanities last, as if their academic production were less relevant and important.

In this episode of Podcast I + C (Research + Creation) we are joined by Daniel Enrique Ariza Gómez, PhD in Design and Creation from the University of Caldas, who has also won several awards and recognitions in theater and research. His great career as an artist and researcher has allowed him to experience firsthand the evolution of research-creation in Colombia, from the generation of new knowledge to technological development and innovation transferable to the social, cultural and productive sector. 

Years ago, researcher Daniel Ariza published an article entitled “Interactive Theater in Virtuality”, a research that at the time of its publication did not seem possible or feasible but became a reality with the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic and total confinement. Doing theater in virtuality seems impossible, especially when we could say that this would be cinema, or how would it differ, what image and sound technology would be required, would there be virtual characters or could we substitute the scenery?

Research-creation is an infinite area, and is generally carried out by artists such as Daniel Ariza, who through research experience the influence of other aspects and disciplines where art and science generate innovative proposals such as theater in virtuality or touching on gender issues in their works. 

Performing this type of proposals involves aesthetic, hermeneutic, representative, expressive and emotional points of view, applied to the areas of engineering, exact, social and human sciences. A good example of the transdisciplinarity between art and technology is Mark Zuckenberg, creator of META, abbreviation of metaverse, which focuses on a virtual reality that allows to generate immersive and multisensory experiences.

With this episode I+C Creation Research we have closed this first season, a long journey between what it is to be digital, digital communities, transmedia narratives, innovation and research, topics and guests that allowed us to expand knowledge and continue consolidating a disruptive digital universe. 

Listen to the end of the C-Transmedia Podcast season here: 

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