Entorno Sonoro y Visual


Héctor Fabio Torres Cardona | PhD in Design and Creation


The work plan for the year 2025 corresponds to the following strategies:

  1. consolidation of the C-Transmedia Research Center to strengthen research work related to the group.
  2. Develop research, advisory and consulting activities, scientific services, training and capacity building, articulation between universities, research centers, companies, management of collaborative research projects, technological development, and support in the formation of human capital for research and scientific dissemination.
  3. To create the scientific magazine “Open Sound” or an international event related to Transmedia.
  4. To link the research projects of the doctoral studies of the members around the solution of new problems related to visualization, sound, haptics and control.
  5. Creation of a Master’s degree in Sound Art or Transmedia Strategies to 2030.
  6. Create a Doctorate in Sound Art or Transmedia Strategies.
  7. To generate alliances and national and international links between the group and the Sensor Laboratory of the University of Caldas.


Lines of research declared by the group

  1. Neuromusic
  2. Transdisciplinary Relationships between Art, Science, Design, Education and Technology.
  3. Transmedia